Illustration, Storyboarding, Design

Illustration: Large-Scale

A professional overview of my larger-in-scope, heavy illustration pieces.

Illustration: Personal-Scale

A professional overview of emotional, personal illustration pieces.

Sequential Art:

Some chosen storyboarding and sequential art ("funny book") pages.

Graphic Design:

Graphic design pieces from a variety
of marketing and info projects.

Video Editing:

Click HERE to see a handful of videos I edited for the John Talbott campaign for City Council in Pasco, WA.

Large Client Projects:

Enormous scope, in-house contract
long-term client projects.

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About me:


Seeking to find a position in an artistic environment where I am allowed to apply my illustration, design, storytelling, and computer software skills to projects which require visual problem solving, and complex design decisions.


Extremely marketable drawing, painting and designing skills. Ability to use creativity and the technical skills of digital media and drawing to communicate ideas, sensations, facts, feelings and emotions. Capable of working to commercial briefs to inform, persuade or entertain a client's intended audience, adjusting the mood and style of images accordingly. Wide knowledge in computer illustration programs: digital background painting, Photoshop, character design, visual development, storyboarding, story development, story pitching and traditional hand drawn art.